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Styled By Erika: Styling by Age

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Styled By Erika: Styling by Age

Welcome back for the third installment of the Styled by Erika series. If you missed the last two posts be sure to catch them here and here. This week I’m going to be discussing how to try trends by age. Please note that I don’t believe in fashion rules so feel free to break them 😉 If you like something and it makes you feel good, by all means wear it.

All of these pieces are from my own closet so I personally would wear any of these combinations. These are just general guidelines. If you’ve been following a while, you will know that some of my favorite trends are blush, white and everything boho. As a personal stylist, I work with clients of all ages and body types. Today I’ll be showing you how to implement these trends into your wardrobe at any age.

Trends in Your 20’s

Styled By Erika: Styling by Age

top (similar here or here) | shorts (exact) | choker (similar) | wedges (exact)

Your late teens and twenties are a time to be young, wild and free. Your clothing should represent your carefree lifestyle. Girls in this age group tend to opt for trendier pieces and combine them all into one look and pull it off seamlessly. They also go for more affordable pieces and don’t care as much about quality as they like to change up their look frequently.

Trends in Your 30’s

Styled By Erika: Styling by Age

top (similar here or here) | crops (exact) | wedges (exact) | bracelets (here and here)

Women in their 30’s are still young and trendy but they begin to place a little more value on quality. In our 30’s we typically tend to like to show less skin than we did in our teens and 20’s. Trend is still a big influence in buying decisions but women in their 30’s don’t feel they need to wear trends from head to toe. Typically 30 somethings prefer only 1-2 trends per outfit and start investing in more versatile pieces.

Trends in Your 40’s

Styled By Erika: Styling by Age

top (similar here and here) | crops (exact) | wedges (exact) | bracelets (here and here) | sunglasses (exact)

Women in their 40’s are typically well established in their careers and know what works for them and what doesn’t. This is also when most women start to question if they are dressing appropriately for their age. They will find ways to incorporate trends into their closet but typically only with 1-2 items max. They prefer pieces that are timeless or that they can at least get a few seasons worth of wear from. They also opt for higher quality pieces.

Trends in Your 50’s

Styled By Erika: Styling by Age

top (similar here and here) | crops (exact) | sandals (exact) | bracelets (here and here) | sunglasses (exact)

Women in their 50’s are typically very comfortable with what they know and love. They are less concerned with being “trendy” but still want to look stylish. They may implement hints of trend into their wardrobe but will do so more subtly and only if it fits their lifestyle. Comfort and quality are of utmost importance.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and found some spring outfit inspiration. Remember – age ain’t nothin’ but a number 🙂

Stay tuned for another installment next week!



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