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Styled by Erika: Accessories 101

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Styled by Erika: Accessories 101

It’s #fashionfriday! My favorite day of the week. Today I’m going to be talking about accessories. I think accessories have the ability to make or break an outfit. They are great for bridging the gap between ordinary and extraordinary outfits. I will tell you which accessories to choose and when and give you the inside scoop to some of my favorite accessories retailers.

A lot of my clients tell me “I’d love to try accessories but I just don’t know how”. While there are no hard and fast rules in fashion, I’m going to give you some basic guidelines for how to style your favorite accessories.

Accessories 101

Styled by Erika: Accessories 101

The first thing to consider when choosing your accessories is neckline and the second most important thing is color. Last but not least you need to determine what you want your focal piece to be. Do you want to draw attention to your clothing or your accessories?

Crew and Round Neck

Styled by Erika: Accessories 101

Being small chested, crew and round necklines are some of my favorites to wear. Statement necklaces in particular look best paired with this neckline due to the fabric backdrop created by the garment. Pendant, choker, chain, and layered looks also work beautifully.

Off Shoulder and One Shoulder

Styled by Erika: Accessories 101

With one shoulder and off shoulder tops, the focus is typically on the top itself. For these necklines, I would only suggest a short chain or pendant necklace or choker styles. Typically for off shoulder or one shoulder tops, I prefer to accessorize with a watch or a few thin layering bracelets and some statement earrings to let the top be the star of the look.

Mock Neck, Turtle Neck and Cowl Neck

Styled by Erika: Accessories 101

Because most of your neck and chest are covered by fabric with these types of necklines, I typically do not wear necklaces. If I do, I opt for long pendant styles as they are the only ones that would work with these necklines. For higher necklines I choose earrings as my main accessory. Statement studs, delicate studs and dangling styles all pair perfectly with these necklines.

V-Neck, U-Neck and Scoop Neck

Styled by Erika: Accessories 101

These necklines bare a good portion of your chest so I usually opt for delicate jewelry to balance out my look. Some statement necklaces can look odd paired up against bare skin so make sure you find one that fits within the silhouette of the neckline. Long and short pendants, chains and choker styles are my go-to’s for these necklines. Depending on the intricacy of the shirt or dress I am wearing, I may skip a necklace all together and opt for earrings and bracelets instead. You don’t want to overpower your look with too much emphasis on one area.

Collared Button Down

Styled by Erika: Accessories 101

This classic style is also super versatile. You can button the neckline all the way up and layer on a statement necklace or you can un button the first 2 buttons and pair with a pendant or chain style. With these super formal necklines, I typically will skip dangling statement earrings and go for statement studs or delicate studs instead.

Tips: you want your accessories to compliment your outfit – not compete or blend in. Be mindful when choosing colors and silhouettes. They call it statement jewelry for a reason! Pick one “statement piece” per look. Statement jewelry best compliments more basic looks. Conversely, delicate jewelry can balance out bolder patterns or more intricate looks. Turquoise, hot pink, gold and white compliment almost every color well and are my go-to’s to complete any look.

Where to Shop for Accessories:

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I hope you enjoyed this post. Have a great weekend!


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