My 2017 Resolutions

by ZuLuSt$$ / 9 months ago

I, as many hundreds of thousands (and probably more) did, created a list of “New Year’s Resolutions” for 2017. It wasn’t just an arbitrary list of unattainable goals or things that sounded like a good idea at the time like I had created in years past. This year, my goals are measurable and attainable and all with a general focus on being an overall better version of me.

As I sent my oldest daughter off to Kindergarten and my BABY (okay, so she’s 3 1/2) off to preschool this year I was overwhelmed with emotions. Feelings of “where has the time gone?”, “why didn’t I cherish her younger years more” and “why haven’t I done more with my career and life in general up to this point” were constantly haunting me. As I eventually started to get into the whole school routine, I began to compare myself to other moms. This is probably the absolute worst thing any mother, or human being for that matter, can do. Comparison is the greatest killjoy of all time.

I would see other moms who were volunteering for the PTA, volunteering in their children’s classes, donating their time, money and energy to their children’s schools. I would see moms who looked so put together when dropping off their kids meanwhile I am always running out the door at the last minute in mismatched workout clothes looking like a disheveled mess. I would see children calmly kissing their parents and trotting off to school peacefully and mine were melting down. I would get notes home from school saying my Kindergartener (who has been talking since 9 months old) needed help speaking in complete sentences and that she was falling behind her class in reading. For the sake of being 100% transparent with you all, I really let all of these things build up and bring me down about the job I was doing as a parent and who I am as a person. I felt I wasn’t doing enough or that I was doing something wrong.

I’m not sure what changed my outlook, but, I decided that this is MY life and I can’t nor is it reasonable to compare myself to others. I decided that with everything I did, I wanted to be the best version of ME possible. I decided that with that, I would be enough. I have since attempted to go the extra mile to remove unnecessary negativity and clutter from my life and really focus on surrounding myself with positive people who can help keep me accountable for my goals.

To further keep myself accountable and build a community of positivity I’m sharing my resolutions with you below.

  • Complete the 52 Hike Challenge Explorer Series
  • Try 1 new restaurant at least every other month
  • Get Shredded (and by this I mean get into the best possible physical shape possible)
  • Be a better mom
  • Become more organized (and I mean this in all aspects of organization from time management to how I keep house)
  • Drink less soda
  • Cook more (my husband does almost all the cooking at our house currently)
  • Visit a new city/area and/or IMDb filming location per month
  • Overall goal: to be my best self possible

Since several of these things directly relate to the nature of this blog, I’m excited to share this journey with you as well as what I’m doing to stay accountable for these goals. I’d also love to hear about your goals and help keep you accountable as well!

Thanks for reading!

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