Knowing When to Take a Break

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Knowing When to Take A Break

Back in February when I started this blog, I had initially wanted to write solely about things to do here in LA, restaurants and hiking. I had attempted to start a fashion blog about 2 years ago and gave up rather quickly. This time I was determined to be different. This time I wasn’t trying to get popular I just wanted to share my passions with the world. Slowly fitness and fashion started infusing their way into my writing. Somehow I even ended up getting my personal training certification and starting a side business as well.

I spent (typically 3 or more) hours per day researching ways to grow my following, how to improve my website ranking, how to create personal training packages, take better Instagram photos – the list goes on. I figured once I had a certification and a business license people would flock to me. I’ll be the first to admit that is not the case…at all.

What I had set out to do had somehow morphed and changed into something completely different. It had become a tremendously time consuming beast that was yielding none of the results I had hoped for. Because I had poured so much of myself into getting my blog and business going, I had let a lot of other things fall by the wayside. I started struggling at my day job and was constantly on edge with my family. I kept looking for that next course or book or resource that was going to teach me what I needed to know that would help me get this business off the ground NOW!

I was also working less hours at my day job which obviously equals less income and spending money trying to solve problems that didn’t need to exist. All of this equated to an overall bad situation. I finally hit the point where I realized enough was enough and I couldn’t keep spinning my gears for no reward.

I realized that I wasn’t taking my time to master any skills or trades before trying to tackle the next beast. I was so wrapped up in trying to be the best and do it all now that I lost sight of why I started any of this in the first place.

The reasons I choose to share my life through my blog and social media wasn’t so that I could drive myself insane. It wasn’t to be an “internet celebrity” or to even create the next fitness craze. My intent and purpose is to share my life, as a regular mom of 2 who went from living a monotonous, mundane life where I had no time or energy to put good food on the table or even consider maintaining a regular workout schedule to an adventure seeking health and fitness fanatic living the life I’d always hoped for.

I wanted to prove that if I can change my life and be happier and healthier inside and out that you could too! I wanted to show other moms how to feel like their beautiful selves again after having kids. I also wanted to share my love of style and adventure and teach others how to escape their comfort zones.


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I finally realized that I was doing none of those things. 

My heart and my intentions were not in line with my actions. I let the pressure of the blogging industry and making an impact get the best of me. I forgot the number one rule that I adamantly believe in which is to “always practice what you preach”. I felt like a total fraud.

I am not the kind of person who likes to half ass anything and I’m definitely a woman of my word. Once I hit this realization I felt like I was letting myself and everyone who I had invited into my “inner circle” down. This is why, I have decided to take a step back from the rat race for a little bit. I’m planning to regroup, recharge and come back to blogging better than ever. I want you to feel inspired to take action towards creating a better life for yourself.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who has ever done this to themselves. I want those of you reading who may be experiencing something similar to know that you are not alone. It is important to respect yourself enough to know when enough is enough. I firmly believe in the hustle and putting in the hard work required to get your results but rest is also critical. Just as you wouldn’t expect to lose 50 pounds overnight you cannot build a business overnight either. The same goes for any other big life change.

I will still be running by September challenge but I will be taking a few weeks off from writing regular posts. If you’d like to join in on the fun you can do so here.

I’d like you all to comment below and let me know what types of content you’d like to see more of in the future. I’m open to your suggestions and feedback.



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6 comments on “Knowing When to Take a Break

  1. Thank you for your honesty, I wish you a peaceful and rejuvenating break!

    As for content, I love your hiking posts and pictures. They always inspire me to get out and explore more around L.A. I have some on my to-do list for when the baby is a little bigger.

    • I realize I haven’t posted one of those in a LONG time! I need to get back to doing that 🙂 the ergo baby is great for hiking!

  2. Great post. So true for so many of us. I like seeing all your posts fashion and fitness. Of course, love seeing the girls ❤

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