Finding Your “Why”

by ZuLuSt$$ / 8 months ago

As I mentioned in my previous post about my 2017 Resolutions, getting into the best shape possible is a very important goal of mine this year. But before you decide to really live “the fitness lifestyle” you must be willing to accept a new normal and really define your “why” behind it all.

For me, I have always been fascinated with fitness and nutrition but never really knew how to properly implement these things into my life. When I was younger I was far more concerned with clothing size, weight and looks than I was with the health aspects of “getting fit” which is the quintessential definition of “fitness”. How silly is that? But sadly, that is how the general population views the “fitness” world – as a quick fix, a means to an end or physical vanity.

Over the past several years since becoming a mom I was simply going going through the motions, never having a plan in place, making excuses for myself and hoping something different would happen (it never did). Not having a fitness/meal plan in place is equivalent to going to the grocery store without a list. Sure you will probably leave the store with food but what you’re left with is a combination of mismatched ingredients that you can’t complete a recipe with, make sense?

In October of last year a friend of mine who is a 1st Phorm Legionnaire and personal trainer, Justin, was offering a 12 week challenge on Facebook and I decided it was as good of a time as ever to join. After a very trying year throughout every aspect of my life I was more than ready to make a change. At first I will admit I was skeptical of using an online trainer but it really helped me to focus of keeping myself accountable for my goals beacause there was no one else I could fall back on.


If you’re unfamiliar with 1st Phorm they are so much more than “just a supplement company” – they are a fitness Phamily and “the Legion of Boom”. It’s no wonder they had such a great success with the 2016 transphormation challenge. Everyone affiliated with this company is there to motivate you, inspire you and answer your questions without judgements or comparison. They sincerely want to help you succeed and reach your goals in addition to selling some of the best supplements on the market. I truly can’t say enough great things about this company (and no I do not work for them)!

When I began this program I didn’t “go on a diet” or seek any sort of “quick fixes” or any other means to an end. I put in a lot of hard work and planning and I consciously chose to make better choices in everything I did for myself and my family. This meant leading a healthier and more active, “cleaner” and simpler life in return. The biggest change of all was in my mindset.


To me my fitness journey is no longer about reaching a “magic number” on the scale or looking a certain way. These things are fleeting and more often than not beyond our control. My fitness journey is about being the strongest, fittest, most mentally tough, most authentic, best version of myself. It’s not a competition between me and anyone but myself to be my own personal best every single day.


Here is visual proof that if there is a will there is a way. The only thing stopping you from achieving your goals is you!

Day 1 (10/2/16)

Day 91 (1/2/17)

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