How I Finally Found Success with an Online Trainer + Giveaway

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How I Finally Found Success with an Online Trainer

Throughout my fitness journey I’ve tried several different methods and approaches to get me where I am today. I’ve done workout videos, taken classes, trained for races, lifted weights on my own,  and worked with an in person trainer. Nothing really seemed to click for me until I started working with an online trainer though.

One year ago, I had let myself go. I was in a really bad place emotionally and I let that take over my physical and mental health as well. I’ve never been an “athlete” but I’ve always had a strong interest in health and fitness. I’ve been on and off the wagon dozens of times. This time I had gone too far. I was a bit hesitant toward working with a trainer mostly due to my own insecurities and the cost. When I had worked out with an in person trainer who was also a personal friend before, I paid $20/hr which was incredibly cheap at the time. However, with both girls going to school and wanting to do activities, I just couldn’t add it into the budget.

How I Finally Found Success with an Online Trainer

Purely by fate I discovered my online trainer. The cost was by program instead of by session which was much more budget friendly. Plus he was available for virtual support whenever I needed it. I had several years of exercise experience so I was able to understand the programs and catch on quickly. There were times when I needed to turn to Google for a video of an exercise technique. Thank goodness for smartphones!

Working with an online trainer vs. an in person trainer also helped me to be more accountable. I didn’t have someone physically watching me making sure I was following the rules. I feel like it helped me develop much more self discipline which set me up for long term success. Because of the online virtual support group I still felt accountable to complete the designed programs. I was so inspired by what I was able to accomplish that I wanted to help do the same for others. This is why I decided to become a personal trainer myself.

How I Finally Found Success with an Online Trainer

1.It taught me self discipline.

2.I didn’t have to be embarrassed to be a beginner.

3.It helped me find a fitness community (through a closed Facebook group).

4.It took me out of my comfort zone.

5.It introduced me to new exercises and training methods.

6.It helped me to adopt fitness as a lifestyle which is the key to long term success.

7.I could do it on my time.

I’m also excited to announce that I’ve officially launched Erika Marie Fitness ! To celebrate, I’ll be giving away a training program of choice to one lucky winner. The contest is taking place on my Instagram page so be sure to head over there for your chance to win. Good Luck!

How I Finally Found Success with an Online Trainer

And if you have any questions or don’t know how to get started on your health & fitness journey, I’d love to help! Email me at





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  1. Absolutely right! Using an online trainer helps people develop or further develop self discipline while still having that accountability.

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