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Styled by Erika: Defining Your Style

by / 6 months ago

Are you stuck in a jeans and t-shirt rut? Always wearing the same things? Or, just never know what looks good together or what to shop for?

If any of these scenarios sound like you, look no further, I’m here to help. I’ve always had a love of clothes and all things pretty but I wouldn’t say I really had a sense of style until the invention of Pinterest. To be 1000% honest, when Pinterest was first released I had no idea what it was, what the point of it was nor did I know anything about blogs. This site alone opened my eyes to a whole new world.

If you’re wondering how this style series ties in with the rest of my blog the answer is this: I am a personal stylist who lives in L.A. and is passionate about my city and helping people to look and feel good both inside and out. My intent is to help inspire you to be your best self and live a life you love.

In this first installment of the Styled by Erika series I will be addressing how to Define Your Style.

Why is this important?

Knowing what you like and what works for both your body and your lifestyle are key in helping you to determine what to shop for as well as creating outfits that make you feel fabulous.

How to Define Your Style:

When I worked in a corporate office I would wear more dresses, blouses and pencil skirts during the work week and jeans and tees on the weekend. My wardrobe lacked anything in between business casual and ultra casual. When I left that job, I realized I didn’t have many “normal” clothes that I felt good in. Over time I donated and sold all of my business clothes and filled in the remaining gaps in my wardrobe.

I realized that I had no place to go where wearing pencil skirts and collared button down blouses was appropriate so I gradually eliminated them from my closet. I also realized that I felt very uncomfortable in preppy, overly feminine or brightly colored clothes. Those too were donated. Don’t get me wrong, I like pops of color here and there so a few pieces did make the cut.

I also turned to my favorite website, Pinterest, and began to search for images of outfits that I liked and tried to find a theme in what it was that drew me to them. The tricky thing about Pinterest is that it’s filled with stunning high quality photos that sometimes just aren’t practical for real life. Over time, I went through and removed the outfits that were too “fussy” or impractical to my lifestyle.

Styled By Erika: Defining Your Style

Styled By Erika: Defining Your Style

Styled By Erika: Defining Your Style

What if I don’t know what my style is?

We as human beings are built to be multifaceted individuals. You don’t have to fit into just one box or style. If I had to define my current style I would say it is casual chic with a bohemian edge. Things I’ve learned about my style through trial and error are 1. I typically don’t like v-necks because I am small busted 2. Bootcut and straight leg jeans make me look shorter 3. I prefer more neutrals or warm “fall” colors 4. Shorts and skirts that are too long make me feel frumpy as well as 5. I don’t like tops to be too fitted or to loose.

It is also equally important to evaluate your lifestyle. I live a very casual lifestyle. I work from home and spend a lot of time running errands and in gym clothes. That being said, jeans and a tee with wedges and statement jewelry is “dressed up” for me and I don’t wear skirts or dresses as often as I used to anymore.

Styled By Erika: Defining Your Style


Your homework assignment is to: 1. evaluate your lifestyle and determine what types of pieces you need and what you enjoy wearing. 2.Read the following basic style descriptions and see which you most identify. 3. Next set up a Pinterest board and search for items that you could see yourself wearing in your everyday life.

Preppy: monograms, gingham, Sperry flats, bright colors

Feminine: florals, pale pinks, a-line midi skirts, heels

Classic: structured pieces, blazers, trench coats, clean lines and simple colors

Casual Chic: basic pieces with a modern twist, muted colors, hints of bold color and accessories

Edgy: distressed, studded, dark colors, sparkles, pushes the envelope

Bohemian: “hippie”, pale and muted colors, carefree/”beachy”/”coachella” vibe


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