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The Best (Budget Friendly) Bell Sleeve Tops

by / 2 months ago
The Best Budget Friendly Bell Sleeve Tops | Who else is obsessing over the bell sleeve trend? Look no further, I've rounded up the best budget friendly bell sleeve tops for you | bell sleeves | fall fashion | mom fashion | style | bell sleeve trend | trendy outfits Read More

August is here! The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale just concluded and the kids are going back to school. I seriously cannot believe how fast this year is going by. Time flies when you’re having fun I guess? If you’ve been hanging out on Pinterest or Instagram, you’ve probably noticed that bell sleeves are all the rage this

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Forget Prime Day, Let’s Talk #NSale

by / 3 months ago
My #NSale Picks Read More

It is no secret at all that I love Nordstrom. Some may even call me obsessed. The Nordstrom anniversary sale is a very special time of year. It’s a place to find the hottest fall trends at incredible prices. If you are a card holder you’re eligible to shop the sale a week early. You

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Restore Hair Health with These 10 Tips

by / 4 months ago
Restore Hair Health with these 10 Tips Read More

I hope everyone has had a wonderful week! With the 4th of July holiday on Tuesday, I decided to spend time with my family instead of blogging as I hope you all did too. I just got my hair done last Friday so I thought now was the perfect time to share this post. Before

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Styled by Erika: How to Maximize Your Wardrobe

by / 4 months ago
Styled by Erika: How to Maximize Your Wardrobe Read More

Happy Friday! I’ve successfully made it through the first week of summer break and now there’s only 7 weeks to go (who’s counting right?). For those of you who have followed along with the Styled by Erika series, this is the final installment. And in my opinion, it’s the most important. I’ve walked you through

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Styled by Erika: Choosing Your Color Palette

by / 5 months ago
Styled by Erika: Choosing Your Color Palette Read More

Happy June my friends! Can you believe that it’s June? I swear it was January 5 minutes ago. As I sort of alluded to last week in Creating a Wardrobe for All Seasons, today’s post is all about choosing your color palette. Why is choosing a color palette so important? Choosing a color palette not