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What You Need to Know When Choosing a Protein Powder

by / 2 weeks ago
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There is a ton of chatter right now about protein. I’m sure you know that you need to eat protein. You might even be using some sort of protein supplement in your diet. I’m going to help you cut through the noise and guide you through choosing a protein powder. What Do You Need to


Apple Watch Series 2 vs Fitbit Surge

by / 2 months ago
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I’ve had a Fitbit Surge since last August. I bought it when I was contemplating starting my fitness journey. At the time, I had never worn a fitness tracker, I didn’t really know what features I needed. I ultimately chose the Fitbit for it’s multi-sport activity tracker + GPS functionalities. As you all know, I


How I Finally Found Success with an Online Trainer + Giveaway

by / 2 months ago
How I Finally Found Success with an Online Trainer Read More

Throughout my fitness journey I’ve tried several different methods and approaches to get me where I am today. I’ve done workout videos, taken classes, trained for races, lifted weights on my own,  and worked with an in person trainer. Nothing really seemed to click for me until I started working with an online trainer though.


5 Things You Need to Achieve Your Fitness Goals

by / 5 months ago
5 things you need to achieve your fitness goals Read More

It’s #motivationmonday and I’m here to tell you if there’s anything you’re waiting for or anything standing in between you starting your fitness journey to let it all go. I don’t care where you’re starting from or what you look like. I don’t even care what your goals are. There are only a handful things