Apple Watch Series 2 vs Fitbit Surge

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Apple Watch vs Fitbit Surge

I’ve had a Fitbit Surge since last August. I bought it when I was contemplating starting my fitness journey. At the time, I had never worn a fitness tracker, I didn’t really know what features I needed. I ultimately chose the Fitbit for it’s multi-sport activity tracker + GPS functionalities. As you all know, I enjoy hiking so that is what appealed to me most. While there is so much more that the Apple Watch can do, I thought I didn’t really need all those other features if all I was looking for was a fitness tracker. Plus the Fitbit was on sale at the time 🙂

Over the past year since getting a Fitbit, the Apple Watch has become much more popular. When I found them on sale during Father’s Day weekend, I decided to see what the hype was about. Here is my unbiased review:

Apple Watch Series 2 vs Fitbit Surge

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Design: The Fitbit is bulky, ugly and isn’t as sleek as the Apple Watch

Step Count Accuracy: I wore both trackers all day everyday for 3.5 days to produce as accurate of results as possible.

  • Day 1 – Apple Watch read ~1800 steps higher (put this one on 10 minutes later while doing computer work)
  • Day 2 – Apple Watch read ~1000 steps higher (took Apple Watch off for 20 minutes for software update)
  • Day 3 – Fitbit Surge read ~300 steps higher (took Apple Watch off for 30 minutes to charge)
  • Day 4 – Fitbit Surge read ~200 steps higher (no difference at all in time worn)

Conclusion: There have been multiple occasions in which I am taking steps and Fitbit does not register them at all. Especially when pushing a shopping cart or stroller. Apple Watch seems to be more accurate.

Features: The Apple Watch is basically an extension of your iPhone as well as a fitness tracker. You can preview emails, read and respond to text messages, answer calls, track your steps and workouts, reads your heartrate- this watch really does do it all. It also has a full color and touch screen design. Plus you can choose from several preset faces or use a photo from your camera roll. Your steps are automatically synced to the activity app on your phone.

The Fitbit Surge does also allow you to preview a text message and alerts you of an incoming call, however you cannot respond or answer calls. This watch allows you to track several different types of workouts (as selected from their database) and track hikes and runs via GPS, you can set timers and alarms and it also reads your heart rate. There aren’t any added “bells and whistles”. Both watches do require somewhat of a learning curve, since the Fitbit has less features, it is slightly easier to use.

Apple Watch vs Fitbit Surge

Battery Life: Both batteries lifespans will vary based upon individual use. Due to all of the additional functionalities, the Apple Watch has a much shorter battery life. I would typically need to charge my Fitbit 2-3 times a week whereas the Apple Watch needs to be charged daily.

Price: MSRP for Apple Watch Series 2 $369 (38 mm) Fitbit Surge $249

If you are looking for a watch that can do it all, I’d definitely choose the Apple Watch. As I mentioned above, I found mine on sale which made it well worth the price. I hope you found this review helpful!




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  1. 100% helped me! I think I’m definitely going to go for the Apple watch. I had the fitbit Alta for a year and didn’t love it. I think I’ll like the HR on the apple watch a lot more! Yayyy thank you!!

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