50 Must Try Restaurants in Greater Los Angeles

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So you’re planning a trip to L.A. and now you’re wondering where to eat? Over the past few years we’ve been cultivating a list of our favorite places to eat and things to do. I feel pretty lucky because as part of my husband’s job, he gets to drive around all over L.A. and try new restaurants. Doing so, he also gets to see lots of different areas and meet new people who play a huge role in inspiring our weekend adventures.

We grew up in a pretty typical suburban town filled with mass retailers and chain restaurants. Now that we are living in one of the biggest (and most awesome) cities in the U.S. we’ve been challenging ourselves to kick our comfort zones to the curb and try new things. It has been quite the adventure.

50 Must Try Restaurants in LA

50 Must Try Restaurants in LA

50 Must Try Restaurants in LA

Here are 50 (of what we believe to be) must try restaurants in the Greater Los Angeles Area:

  1. Purple Thai (Alhambra)
  2. Mom Can Cook (Santa Clarita)
  3. Chiba Japanese Restaurant (North Hollywood)
  4. Midici (Sherman Oaks)
  5. Toppers (Santa Clarita & Ventura County)
  6. The Pizza Press (several SoCal locations)
  7. Bruxie (Santa Monica + other location)
  8. Bay Cities Italian Deli (Santa Monica)
  9. Joan’s On Third (West Hollywood & Studio City)
  10. Italia Panetteria (Santa Clarita)
  11. Lemonade (several SoCal locations)
  12. Father’s Office (Santa Monica and Los Angeles)
  13. Umami (several locations)
  14. 38* Ale House (Alhambra and Monrovia)
  15. Eureka! (several locations)
  16. Dog Haus (several SoCal locations)
  17. Smoke Oil Salt (Hollywood)
  18. Piccola Trattoria (Santa Clarita)
  19. Sharky’s (several SoCal locations)
  20. Bottega Louie (DTLA)
  21. Newhall Refinery (Santa Clarita)
  22. Salsa & Beer (North Hollywood)
  23. The Granville (West Hollywood, Glendale, Burbank and Studio City)
  24. The Federal (North Hollywood and Long Beach)
  25. Stone Fire (several SoCal locations)
  26. Urth Caffe (Pasadena & West Hollywood)
  27. The Morrison (Los Angeles)
  28. Raffi’s Place (Glendale)
  29. Porto’s (several SoCal locations)
  30. Golden Road Brewing (Los Angeles)
  31. Figueroa Mountain Brewing Co. (Westlake Village)
  32. Milk (Los Angeles)
  33. Huckleberry (Santa Monica)
  34. Sprinkles Cupcakes (several locations)
  35. Milk Jar Cookies (Los Angeles)
  36. The Pie Hole (several SoCal locations)
  37. B Sweet (Los Angeles)

50 Must Try Restaurants in LA

50 Must Try Restaurants in LA

50 Must Try Restaurants in LA

One of my favorite things to do is watch to Cooking Channel or Food Network. It seems as though no matter what show I am watching there is a restaurant in L.A. that gets featured. Here is my list of restaurants that are on my “must try” list:

  1. Al Noor (Lawndale)
  2. Zankou Chicken (several Los Angeles locations)
  3. Brent’s Deli (Northridge)
  4. Roscoes Chicken and Waffles (several SoCal locations)
  5. Barrel & Ashes (Studio City)
  6. Edwin Mills (Pasadena)
  7. Stella Barra (Hollywood & Santa Monica)
  8. Beer Belly (Koreatown & Long Beach)
  9. Churros Calientes (Los Angeles)
  10. Plan Check Burger (several Los Angeles locations)
  11. Madera Kitchen (Hollywood)
  12. Magnolia Grille (Los Angeles)
  13. Sugarfish (several Los Angeles locations)

I’d love to hear which ones that you’ve tried and hear your suggestions too!





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