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10 Best Ways to Stay Motivated This Week

by ZuLuSt$$ / 8 months ago

How is it seriously Sunday again? This whole 4 day weekend thing has really thrown me off! Tomorrow marks the start of my last week of an 8 week fitness program and I’m really looking forward to finishing it and starting an even more intense 4 week program next week (yep, I’m crazy like that). Being a work from home mom and having an online personal trainer has really challenged me to constantly find ways new keep myself motivated.

It is so easy to blow things off that we don’t want to do, especially when we are the only ones holding ourselves accountable. But, I need to make money and I’d like to see results at the gym as well as take care of a family and the household that comes along with it so that isn’t really an option.

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Here are 10 tips I use to help motivate myself:

  1. Set a mini goal for yourself – It can be as big or as small as you want and celebrate your accomplishment. Some examples for me would be: if I’m not feeling like working I tell myself if I get this much work done in this amount of time then I can reward myself by going on Pinterest for 10 minutes; if I don’t want to go to do a certain exercise I try to challenge myself against my old personal records.
  2. Remember your ultimate goal – Sure you may not feel like exercising today but if your ultimate goal is to be leaner/lose weight/get stronger you have to make an effort to achieve that goal. The same concept applies at work. You may not like the work you are doing now but if your ultimate goal is to progress or get promoted you have to pay your dues.
  3. Remember where you started – when you don’t feel like working out think about how far you’ve come since you started your journey. When I don’t want to run, (which let’s face it, is pretty much always), I think about how much farther and faster I can run without stopping now. At work this could be a checklist for other tasks you are having trouble getting motivated to do. Count off how many things you have done and focus on what is left to do.
  4. Eliminate distractions – In the office: silence your cell phone or at the very least turn it upside down, tune out all of the “white noise”. In the gym: again, avoid looking at your phone other than to change up your playlist or to reference your workout.
  5. Think of how much better you’ll feel – procrastinating feels excellent in the moment but when you’ve finally exhausted all of your excuses the anxiety of scrambling to get things done is the worst! I’ve had plenty of days where I’ve made plans that left me rushing to cram in a workout or finish my hours for work at the end of a long and exhausting day when I could have just woken up earlier. You will always feel better having something checked off of your to-do list first thing in the morning.
  6. Surround yourself with positive, like minded people – you can’t live a happy life when your world is filled with negativity and clutter. Being around happy, productive people will in turn rub off on you.
  7. Find what inspires you – this should remind you of why you’re doing this in the first place and re-energize you. For me, when I feel I’m not getting the results I want at the gym or feel like I’m not getting anywhere in my career, I get really down on myself. Then I turn to Instagram and see the amazing transformations that people have made and am quickly inspired to do the same for myself.
  8. Keep your eye on the prize – remember the old saying “Rome wasn’t built in a day”. You can’t let one minor setback discourage you. Nobody is perfect.
  9. Learn from your mistakes – Have you failed at achieving your goal before? What are you doing differently now? What did you learn from that experience?
  10. Keep a motivational playlist handy – I don’t know about you all, but music has the ability to really change my tone. When I’m having a crappy day, sometimes I love to go sit in the sauna and listen to some fun reggae tracks. Other days I like to run it out to some gangsta rap 😉 I rely heavily on my playlists to set the tone for my workouts. Here is a snapshot of my workout playlist:img_6147


What do you do to stay motivated? I hope you all crush some goals this week!



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2 comments on “10 Best Ways to Stay Motivated This Week

  1. The quote about whether you have time for something or if it’s a priority is spot on! (It’s also really helpful for deciding whether to say yes to new commitments or not – do you have time for the new task, and is it a priority?) I definitely use goals of different sizes to motivate me – I’ll go for one big goal and then break it down to easy bite-sized goals to keep me on track. Eliminating distractions is really helpful too, and surrounding myself with like-minded people is great motivation! We all get each other excited about our mutual goals, and we also hold each other accountable, especially if we’re committed to meet up regularly and work out together 🙂

    • It’s all just a big mental game. If I have to run 2 miles I usually will speed up at certain points to break it into chunks or with work I take a 5 minute break at the top of each hour. It makes it seem more manageable and helps you feel more accomplished

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